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Follow the toolkit from the beginning to plan your food waste management journey.

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Read stories about how to be successful on your food waste management journey.

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Change the Flow of Food

Cutting food waste in your hotel kitchen will protect the planet and fight hunger, while providing the ultimate guest experience.


Hotel Owners & Finance Teams

Committing to a culture of food waste management and cost savings.

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Culinary Team

From menu planning to cutting board.

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General Managers, Food & Beverage Directors

Driving daily operations to cut waste across the board.

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Catering & Events

Serving up the client's needs while cutting out the waste.

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Service Team

On the front lines of feeding large crowds.

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Stewarding & Engineering

Separating, measuring, and diverting from the landfill.

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PR & Marketing

Seamlessly integrating food philosophy with guest experience.

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Purchasing & Receiving

Procuring the right amount of the best ingredients.

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Human Resources

Leading staff on the path to best practices.

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Creating a Culture Committed to Food Waste Reduction and Management

It takes a culture shift to fight food waste. It needs to be woven into a property's daily operations, long term goals and customer experience at every step - from menu planning to ordering, from staff training to stewardship. It takes the whole team.

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Preventing Food Waste

Prevent food waste from occurring at your property, saving you money, time and labor, while also protecting the environment.

Recovering Valuable Nutrients

For what can't be prevented, you can still make use of valuable nutrients. Form lasting community partnerships by donating safe leftovers to people in need Divert inedible or unsafe food and scraps using environmentally friendly options that recover energy or nutrients.