Food management and waste reduction takes ideas, collaboration and commitment across all teams. And it needs a champion to lead the effort, provide a mandate, and select additional members of the team. No matter what department you work with, YOU could be your hotel’s food waste champion.

Build a Food Waste Task Force

To develop an effective program and change the way food is planned, handled, and served at your property, you must establish an internal Green Team or Food Waste Task Force that includes key leaders and staff across the organization.

Does your property have a Task Force already? Talk to your General Manager to find out how you can get involved, or if you can be a founding member.

The goals for this team include:

“I think it always comes down to culture and communication. You have to have the right culture and leadership at a property.”

Members of the task force should include property food waste champions and representatives from each department along the flow of food operations. Recruit participants from:

Culinary Team

To plan reduced waste menus, maximize ingredients, and develop a food philosophy


ServiceService Team

To man the front lines of food service


Catering & Events

Catering & Events

To share your food philosophy with clients and planners


Purchasing & Receiving

To think about sourcing and stocking


PR & MarketingPR & Marketing

To develop communication and marketing materials across the guest experience

Stewarding and EngineeringStewarding & Engineering

To support back-of-house health and safety and manage end-of-life food scraps


Owners & Finance Teams

To lead decision making and financial asset management


General Manager, F&B Director

To execute daily operations across all teams


Human Resources

To drive training and uptake of new procedures


Host a kick-off meeting

Convene all members to discuss goals and how to roll out the plan to the rest of the property. Get a sample agenda

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Develop a plan and set goals

Draft an outline that includes the project goals, activities, schedule for future meetings, and a plan to clearly communicate goals and steps to all staff.

Strategic Roadmap

Schedule weekly updates

Meet regularly to discuss project success, obstacles and to strategize for continued project implementation.

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A Leadership Task Force

At the Hotel Monoco in Portland, a 2-hour leadership workshop created a customized Food Waste Roadmap which led to a change in behavior throughout the hotel, enhanced by having all members of the management team co-create a practical plan and shared vision.