Service Team

Serving up the right amount

The Service or Banquet team is responsible for the flow of food during an event, providing recommendations when trying to feed a large crowd. The team members are well positioned to see opportunities to improve efficiency in buffet set-up and replenishment. Look for the Service icon throughout this toolkit for activities and responsibilities for your role.

Getting Started

Does your property have a Food Waste Task Force or Green Team? A representative from the Service Team needs a voice at that table.

Preventing Food Waste

Tons of waste can be avoided during and after buffet service. Check out a variety of tips to create awareness among guests and trim overage while setting the buffet, during replenishment, and after the event.

Recovering Leftover Food

If waste can't be prevented, feeding others in your community is the next best thing. You can help make sure food quality is preserved during the Serving phase and assist with the preparation and handling of food donations.