Stewarding & Engineering

The last mile managers

The stewarding and engineering teams are responsible for end of life management of organic material like food scraps and are a key component to the success of a food waste management plan. Below are your main responsibilities in managing food and preventing waste at your property. Look for the Stewarding icon throughout this toolkit for tips and strategies that apply to you.

Get Started

Does your property separate and measure organic material? Knowing how much waste a property creates is the first step. Find out how to start and why it's so important.

Divert Nutrients from Landfills

A major part of your role is helping to determine if precious nutrients can be recovered and diverted rather than sent to landfill. You can help facilitate donation, diversion and ultimate disposal options.

Technology to Turn Waste into Energy

There are several different technology options that can recycle food waste into energy or nutrients and keep it out of landfills.