Culinary Team

Get Cooking

Culinary staff are a key component when committing to a food waste management strategy! Below are your main responsibilities in managing food and preventing waste at your property. Look for the Culinary icon throughout this toolkit to see steps that apply to you.

Getting Started

Does your property have a food waste task force or Green Team? A representative from Culinary needs a voice at that table.

Because you are on the front lines of food, knowing how much waste is created starts with you! Learn how to start separating and measuring waste in your kitchen.

Preventing Waste

Through thoughtful planning, your team can prevent a ton of waste. You can develop unique reduced-waste recipes and menus, maximizing ingredients across meals. You can also work closely with the sales team to get accurate guest counts for each event and reduce overproduction.

Recovering Leftover Food

Your team works hard to craft beautiful and delicious dishes. That food, and all the work that went into growing, transporting, and cooking it, deserves to be eaten! Find out how you can set up a donation partnership with the local community so your excess food can feed those in need.