5 Videos to Help Train Your Staff to Cut Waste

Along with hospitality learning platform LobsterInk, World Wildlife Fund developed a series of five training videos to help staff embark on a food waste management journey. Arrange staff viewings and use the additional training guides below to start conversations and answer questions.


Understanding Food Waste

This short video introduces the scope of the food waste problem and its environmental context. It outlines the full series and emphasizes the focus on preventing food waste.

Building Your Food Waste Task Force

The second video explores the roles of each Food Waste Management Task Force member and the benefits they provide as the program is developed and carried out.

Measuring Your Food Waste Problem

Why do you need to measure and track waste? This video goes over data collection in setting goals to prevent food waste. It explains the areas in a hotel that create food waste and ways to capture and track this waste through a two-stream separation scheme or technology-enabled tracking.

6 Steps to Prevent Food Waste

This video explains how to plan low waste menus that make the most of every ingredient and offers recommendations to prevent waste during event sales, menu development, purchasing, storage, and food preparation stages.

Managing Food Waste Post-Service

The final video discusses options to manage recover underutilized food through donation and diversion.


Additional Training Guides