Human Resources

Training leaders

New operating procedures will take ongoing training to fully integrate them into the hotel culture. Below are your main responsibilities in managing food and preventing waste at your property. Look for the HR icon throughout this toolkit to see steps that apply to you.

Getting Started

Does your property have a Green Team or Food Waste Task Force. You need to have a seat at that table. As new procedures get rolled out, you'll want to get ahead of the game to develop and schedule training for current staff and new hires.

Engaging & Training Staff

Engaging staff in food waste management has show to drastically prevent and reduce waste. Read up on how you can empower them to take action.


Once donation partnerships are established to receive excess food, each partner will have requirements for receiving food and the types of food they can accept in addition to local food safety standards. Staff will need to be trained on partner operating procedures, so you'll need to be up to speed as well and plan to prepare them!