General Managers

General Managers / Food & Beverage Directors

Because this role has oversight into the daily operations across of the hotel, including employee management, and hotel services such as catering, General Managers are often champions of the overall food waste management effort, providing the mandate, and selecting additional members of the team. Look for the the General Manager icon throughout the toolkit for activities that apply to you.

Get Started

Does your property have a Green Team or a Food Waste Task Force? Learn how to become the champion and kick one off, and who else to involve.

Prevent Waste By Planning

It takes thoughtful planning and coordination to prevent waste from happening in the first place. However, it can help save food and labor costs in the long run! Learn more about how you can plan in contracts, data usage and sourcing to reduce waste.

Recovering Leftover Food

Does your property have a donation program to work with community partners? Do you divert your waste from landfills? Both of these are simpler than you might think. Check out resources to help get set up.